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Oxygen Therapy

Medical Service Company specializes in oxygen therapy, and we are committed to providing best in class support for your patients.

  • Same Day Oxygen Delivery
  • Order Receipt Confirmation
  • Overnight Pulse Oximetry Testing 
  • Experience Direct Point of Contact
  • Wide Variety of Oxygen Equipment
  • Best in Class Clinical Support

Chronic-Respiratory Disease Management Programs

We offer completely customized programs that have been very effective for our Health System partners. A few key components to our Disease Management Programs are:

  1. Dedicated Clinical Leader to work with the Care Coordination Team to understand current objectives and develop training and education protocols to support effective Home-Based Care.
  2. Home-Based Overnight Pulse-Oximetry Evaluation.
  3. Dedicated Respiratory and Sleep Coaches

Oxygen Tank IconThe M.O.R.E Program

Measuring Outcomes through Respiratory Evaluation (M.O.R.E) is a proprietary Disease Management Programs that directly supports rehospitalization reduction initiatives in conjunction with our partners. M.O.R.E is a proactive collaborative approach to patient care that limits rehospitalizations and helps secure hospital reimbursements. Through a proprietary standardized test, M.O.R.E tracks disease stats and identifies risk factors while treating respiratory conditions and monitoring outcomes. Patients enrolled in MORE experienced a reduced rehospitalization rate of 4.9% compared to the national average that ranges from approximately 17% to 25%. For more information, read the study, M.O.R.E. Program: An Acuity-based Approach to Patient Care, featured in the April-May 2014 edition of Respiratory Therapy, Journal of Pulmonary Technique.


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Sleep Disease Management

Sleep Therapy (CPAP)

Medical Service Company’s Sleep Management Division, MSC Sleep offers the best choice for CPAP. Our program is nationally recognized as a best in class program by our peers, patients and partners. This is done with a clear focus on Therapy Adoption and Superior Customer Experience. The net effect of this program is that 8 out of 10 patients that MSC sets up on CPAP embraces the therapy long-term, versus the national average of 5 out of 10. Multiple studies have shown that managing a Sleep Disorder like Sleep Apnea helps manage comorbid conditions like Diabetes and Hypertension, which can be key contributors to rehospitalizations and undue healthcare spend.

Medical Service Company takes a holistic approach to managing Sleep Disorders by dedicating attention to each phase of the sleep process.

Bed Icon    1. Intake

    2. Setup

    3. Compliance and Utilization

    4. Sleep Supply Replacement

Find out more about our sleep therapy and CPAP services here.




Non-Invasive Ventilation Therapy

Lungs IconA Best-in-Class Non-Invasive Ventilation Therapy Program

MSC has a longstanding reputation of ensuring patients receive the appropriate therapy. Our SAFE Program is recognized for its comprehensive and coordinated care plan. As part of SAFE, we conduct a same-day ventilation documentation review to confirm that a patient qualifies for service through insurance, if applicable. Upon enrollment in our Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV) Therapy Program, a dedicated and specialty-trained clinician will work directly with the patient throughout the acclimation period. This process includes multiple visits with the patient within the first 30 days to provide extensive device training and wellness support. 

Our Respiratory Therapists, Customer Service Team, and Account Managers are here to make the process of transitioning to NIV therapy as easy and as SAFE as possible. The core tenets of SAFE are:

  • Speed– Providing Same-Day Responses
  • Assurance– Always offering the right product for the right patient
  • Follow-Up– Engaging with each patient face to face 3 times in the first 30 days
  • Experience– Demonstrating outcomes through proprietary reporting and experience with  Respiratory Care

By leveraging connected devices, data analytics and proprietary disease management protocols, we can promise industry-leading outcomes and the data to support it! 

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Medical Equipment

In addition to our Best in Class Respiratory Services, we also offer a host of other Home Medical Equipment (HME) with similar service expectations.

  • Reliable & Timely Delivery
  • Thorough Patient Training & Education
  • Customer Service Focused
  • Easy One-Stop Shop

You may have patients that require both Respiratory Therapy Services and HME. Some of the more common home medical equipment that Medical Service Company provides includes:Wheelchair Icon

  • Hospital Beds
  • Support Surfaces & Specialty Mattresses
  • Manual Wheelchairs
  • Ambulatory Aids



Pharmacy and Hospice Care

Prescription Icon MSC operates a very sophisticated and efficient Closed-Door Pharmacy. We have partnerships with multiple local and regional Hospice Organizations along with providing retail medications to our existing patients. Our Medication Alignment Program (MAP), helps patients with Medication Adherence by assimilating all medications to be refilled on the same day each month. The secret sauce comes from our state of the art technology and training to ensure we have all medications, they are filled based on anticipated usage and they become due all at once. These medications are shipped directly to your patients’ doorstep or delivered by one of our friendly Medical Equipment Technicians.

Pharmacy Medicine Image

The follow up, leadership engagement, and process driven approach that Medical Service Company brings to the partnership is appreciated. - Director of Network Care Transitions for Kettering Health Network